Friday, June 17, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Part 2

Time: 10:54pm
Location: Great Falls, Montana
Next Stop: Dawson’s Creek, Canada

We spent two full days and three nights at my parent’s house in Mtn. Home Idaho. It was a beautiful couple of days with the temperatures averaging around 75 degrees and so we spent most of the time sitting in the backyard watching the dogs play and talking about everything from our time in New York and my sister’s baby. At first Zeek and my dad’s rottie, Harley, were ok but did not play but mostly barked and growled at each other, Harley was doing most of both. By the second day they were used to each other and were almost inseparable. I also noticed that Zeek was acting differently than I have seen him with other dogs before. He did not seem to be too jealous when Zeke or I would pet or play with Harley. He also would cuddle up to her with his head against hers and at times she would allow it but others she would growl at him and he would back off. He made a friend while we were there.
As most already know, my sister is pregnant with a girl and is due July 31st. Every chance I got I was rubbing and touching her belly hoping to feel my little niece kick or move. Little Ina seems to like it when you rub Bree’s belly for sometimes you can feel her push up against the area that you are rubbing. Zeke took a chance to feel Ina too and we took my mother’s stethoscope to hear her move around. Its crazy what a new baby can do to a family, even the family dog. I witnessed the family rottie, Harley, cuddle up to my sister’s belly and kind of “talk” to baby Ina. Harly “talks” to us in a weird way that would scare almost anyone. She growls when she is happy and we call that her “purr.” She does this when you pet her or rub her belly, and also when you cuddle with her or just when she is happy or talking to baby Ina. I do have a video I want to put up on Facebook of her doing this. If you know why she is growling these videos that I got are the cutest thing.
Yesterday we all drove to Boise, Idaho which was an hour away to go to the range and the mall. Zeke and I have been looking at guns since we have made the decision to move to Alaska and we wanted to get our hands on a few to try them out and also to talk to some experts for advice. My mother recently purchased a handgun and wanted to shot it at the range for the first time. We rented two guns, a Glock 9mm and a Ruger .357 revolver. Personally I hate Glocks and the 9mm felt like a brick in my hand, not heavy but the way it felt to handle. I fell in love with the Ruger on the first shot. It has the power I wanted and was delightful to handle. My only issue was that it was difficult to pull the trigger so I have two options: get used to the pull or get a trigger job done and just always carry it in a holster, which is not a problem in Alaska. I also tried my mother’s 380 Bersa which was awesome to hold and I felt like it was molded for my hands but it did not have the power I was seeking. I also received some advice that living in Alaska I should not go below the power of a .357 because of the frequent threat of wildlife.
A special announcement: My sister has told me that she would like Zeke and I to be Ina’s Godparents! I am thrilled and honored and not only am I an aunt but also a Godmother now! Thank you my dearest sister, we love you all so much and had such a wonderful time with you.
Now we are in Great Falls, Montana. Our goal was Calgury, Canada but by the time we reached Canada the banks would be closed and we would not be able to exchange money in order to pay for a hotel and gas. Once we do cross into Canada we will not be able to use our phones to call or text so this will be the only update some of you will get. For my mother and Zeke’s mother we hopefully can use hotel phones for contact. From here up will be the drive of a lifetime, with so much to see. Also check in my Facebook later to see more pictures and some videos. I did not have the time or battery life to put any up tonight.

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