Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Day 1

Time: 11:46pm
Location: Fremont, Indiana
Next Stop: Cheyenne, Wyoming

We did not leave until noon today.... it was a very, very long good-bye. Since it was such a late start we were not able to get to where we wanted to be tonight but with a little bit of motivation and Starbucks we will hit our next stop no problem. Besides, we are not necessarily in a hurry so its not a life or death situation.

Today we drove about 600 miles and 11 hours. We stopped multiple times to stretch our legs and let Zeek do the same. The first four hours or so Zeek would try to sneak into the front seat with me, and for a 56 pound dog it wasn't very sneaky but don't tell him that. Eventually he got confertable and calmed down.

Twice we hit terrible weather. Thunder storms in Penslyvania and Ohio and the rain was pouring down so hard i had no idea how Zeke could see the road. Thank God he was driving and I was not. Penslyvania was beautiful, full of trees and rivers but toward the middle of Ohio things started to flatten out and get really boring. Out of our bordom Zeke and I scanned the local stations and had a little karyoke sing off. Who knows what I will do tomorrow to kill the time and my bordom.

I was told by a mutual friend of Zeke and I that I should publish a poll on when people think Zeke and I will kill each other. If I can figure out how to do this on my blog I will and honestly im curious to see what everyone thinks. If you don't see a poll by tomorrow morning leave your thoughts below and I will tally them up throughout our trip.

Since we were not able to make it to our planned first stop, we stopped at Fremont, Indiana at a Holiday Inn Express. I was not too happy about the prices and the pet policy but once I walked into the room I forgot the whole thing. Very beautiful and roomy. Worth what they charge. I should ask for a free night for my promoting their establishment.

Well im hungry and exausted and probably forgot a ton of things I probably wanted to say but lost it because of my 19 hour day today. Good night all.

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