Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Long Journey Ahead

Time: 6:59am
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Goal: Chicago, Illinois

Zeke and I were packing and loading up the car until about midnight last night. After the longest Friday of my life, we still woke up at 5:00am and had to get started right away because we still had a few things to stuff in the car before we take off. Right now the boys (Zeke and his brother Jordany) are doing a "quick" oil change before the family and a friend goes for breakfast. I know I said that we were leaving at 5am but really I said that to trick Zeke into getting up early so that we will be on the road around 8am or so. See if I would have told him that my plan was to go at 8 then we would be leaving around 10 or 11. Make sense? We may not have been married for long (2 and a half years) but I already knows how he thinks.

I felt so bad for our puppy Zeek yesterday and last night. On a quick side note I am aware he has the same name as my husband but we did not do that, he came with the name, from the shelter. He is a German Sheppard mix and about 15 months old. Well he didn't know what to think when Zeke and I were packing everything and moving it all out of the house. First he would follow me all around the house, and every time I stopped he would squeeze under my arm or leg to get my attention. This is just how it starts. Then he starts sitting by the door and sometimes does not budge when we have hands and arms full of things to put in the car. When the house was almost completely empty he cannot sit still, pacing the entire house, and pulling himself onto my lap when ever I sat down. Last night when Zeke and I went to bed he still would pace until I told Zeke we should let him in the bed for the night. It was a peaceful 4 hours and he seems to be a lot calmer. Now just to see how he does on the road.....

I am sure by now the boys should be almost done.... I gave them an hour. So its off to breakfast and my double espresso for the morning, thanks New York for corrupting me. Speaking of which I left a voice mail for my Aunt this morning and I played it back to myself, I didn't even recognize my own voice... in the year and a half I have lived here I would never imagine picking up such a popular and distinct accent as the New Yorker accent. Give it a year or so in Alaska and maybe I will sound like Sarah Palin. Now I know some people are going to give me hell for that joke. So if you are dying to tease me or to just say hello leave a comment below or I'm sure you know where my Facebook is. Hopefully our stop will have wifi and I can update you lovelies on the day. Look for pictures!

New York I had fun and an experience of a lifetime that I never dreamed I would have. And all of you brave and tough enough to live this life everyday in the craziest and most amazing city in the world I applaud you. You are doing some thing I could never do and that is why I am moving. My list of firsts here include: My first homeless guy, deli, crazy person, dead body, death look, road rage, and I'm sure there are a lot more I cannot think of at the moment. A crazy part of me will always love this city.... Thanks for the memories.

I wanted to take a minute to quickly speak directly to a group I know is following my little adventure. Before I start I'm sure I will tear up by the end. I want all of you at Bay Ridge Honda, the kindest and most honest dealership and group of people I know, to know that you were all like a family to me. In the biggest city when I felt I almost did not have anyone besides Zeke and his family I had all of you. It may sound corny but I is true. I learned so much from all of you and I will miss you all the most. Most of you did more than you had to and you recognized my hard work. You will all be in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. I do hope I keep in touch will most of you if not all. Sincerely, thank you.


  1. Aw poor puppy he was probably scared u were going to leave him. I'm sure he'll be much happier in the car with you all. Where you able to fit everthing in the car? I can't imagine there is a lot of room. Hope you have a safe drive.

  2. He was a little better in the car. Just a normal hyper puppy. Most of our things fit but whatever didn't we will have his family ship to us.