Monday, June 13, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Day 2

Time: 12:34am
Location: Laramie, Wyoming
Next Stop: Mountain Home AFB, Idaho


Today we traveled about 1,156 miles for a total of 17 hours. We had to catch up from yesterday since we did not make it as far as we wanted to. So far we have hit New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. What a long trip! Nebraska took most of the day and was 454 miles worth of the total miles covered today. Nebraska had the highest speed limit also. Up to Nebraska it was anywhere between 55 and 65 mph speed limit, dropping to as low as 45mph in construction zones. Now we are given a speed limit of 75mph and we are happy to see it especially in such a long state. I can also say we went into Colorado as well since Zeke missed an exit so we had to detour into Colorado to come back to Nebraska.
Nebraska is nothing but farmland from what I saw and was so flat I could see the optical illusion of the curve of the world. I have only every seen that happen in one other state which is Texas.
Below are the pictures that I have been promising to put up. They are from the two days of traveling we have done so far. The ones I decided to post are only few of many that I took but only a chosen few made the cut to go on the blog only because I did not want to spend hours putting  them up after an already lengthy day. The rest of the pictures will be posted onto my Facebook profile under Alaska Adventure so take a look and feel free to comment.
Back in Iowa we stopped at what was advertised as the “World’s Largest Truckstop.” I am not sure if that was an opinion or a statement of fact but either way it was the biggest I have seen. Zeke loved it and was able to check out a Kenworth truck that was sitting inside the store. My great uncle is a truck driver and so I have seen inside a truck, but Zeke never has and he was amazed at the setup of the whole thing. He looked at me from the driver’s seat after glancing at the back and said “it’s like a living room back there, its huge.” I couldn’t help but chuckle and ask if he would live in something like that for two months. He then stated it was more room than our studio in New York. Almost true.
Out of my boredom today I decided to play hunter and see how many deer I could spot. I did not realize how many were out here and quickly noticed how badly I want to go hunting. I lost count of the number deer I spotted that day but I was able to entertain myself for a few hours.
Zeek did a lot better today. I am so happy he is a quiet dog. Sometimes it is like he is not even in the car. Most of the time he lays down and chills out. Tomorrow night he will be able to really stretch out and get some exercise with my dad’s rottie. She is close to 5 years old but she still thinks she is a puppy so this will be interesting to see how they interact. My mother also has a 2 year old tea cup Chihuahua, I have no idea how that one is going to work out. Again look for pictures and hopefully I can get a cute video to put up on Facebook.
Well it is late and I still want to put up pictures. And possibly that poll that I forgot about yesterday. Until tomorrow, good-night!
Zeek trying to sneak up front

I was bored enough to dress him up

he is my model

Ok I was not able to upload the pictures from today. Sorry all. 

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