Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaska Adventure: Half Way Idaho

Time: 12:29pm 6/14
Location: Mother's House, Mtn Home AFB, Idaho

We got into Mtn Home around 6pm yesterday after a short day compared to the last two on the road. Today was a little over 600miles and about 9 hours.

I really thought Nebraska was the worst of the trip but by the time we reached the end which was known to be the flattest and most barren of the state it was already dark and we could not see the landscape anyway. Driving in Wyoming on however I started to wounder what kind of crazies would live in a place like the North West. After living in a place like New York City I really noticed how pathetic a small town like Mtn Home really is. Driving through town I thought everyone had died or some kind of zombie apocalypse took over. There was not one person I saw walking around town, which after seeing hundreds of people out and about on a daliy basis is defiantly not a normal sight that I am used to.

Although I resent this small town in the middle of nowhere it was relieving to see my family again. It was hard for me to leave to New York since I have always been so close to home before. Everyone looks so well. My brother has changed a lot since the last time I was here. He is about the same height as me and he will be 13 in august. I was also not used to his now deeper voice and he sounds almost like my dad. I still cannot help but talk to him as if he is still 8 years old and its hard to realize that my kid brother is now a teen. My mother is doing well and is almost happy and always a comedian. My sister is huge!!! She is due at the end of July and she already looks as if she is about to pop. She has already picked out a name for her soon to be baby girl: Ina Romea. I'm just waiting to feel little Ina kick. Like always I will take pictures and everyone can see them soon.

Zeek has been able to get so much exercise and play time with the family rottie named Harley. He is out in the backyard almost all day and refuses at times to come in. I am so happy he gets along with her and my mothers chihuahua Bella. He has nipped at her a few times but it was a playful nip.

We plan to stay in Mtn Home until Thursday morning then the next stop will be in Canada. Canada is tricky and I will not be able to text or call anyone via cellular device once I cross the border.  I am also unsure if hotels in Canada have wifi but I will update whenever I have the chance to do so.

World's Largest Truckstop, this truck is inside the store.


Flat Wyoming

The Hills Have Eyes in Wyoming


Utah Mountains

Idaho rainstorm

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  1. Nice pics they make me home sick :( btw, what? Chris is a teen now?? oohh my goodness. Can't wait to see pics of the fam.