Thursday, July 28, 2011

Becoming an Alaskan

I guess I have been that busy, or lazy, to have not posted for a month. A lot has happened in my new home. My cousin is doing better but due to her appendix is now allergic to about a 30 page list of things. The only thing I know I am allergic of is Tide detergent and I cannot imagine being so allergic to everything like she is now. My cousin is smart and strong and knows it is nothing she can help and it’s better to just deal and live her life than dwell over it. I have always looked up to her in a way.
Along with everything else going on like getting a job, obtaining my Alaska license, catching up on bills, my baby sister is in the hospital right now about to give birth to little baby Ina. I am going to be an aunt very soon! I am going crazy and I worry too much about her. She was admitted because her blood pressure was super high and that was very dangerous for the baby. Now her blood pressure is down and the mom said she is dilated. So we should see little Ina tonight or tomorrow morning. So excited.
I landed a decent job in town and as long as it pays the bills and gives me a little bit of fun money I’m ok with that. I feel like I have more to offer for the experience I have but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I want to continue school for nursing and pursue that career. I’ve had enough fun and messing around. It’s defiantly time to buckle down and get this done.
A few pretty exciting things have happened to me in just a month of living here. First I would like to say that I cannot understand that I lived in New York City for two years and have not once seen or met any kind of celebrity while I was living there. Not even a month here I ran into, without knowing they were there, Lisa Kelly and Tony Molesky from Ice Road Truckers.  They may not be super stars but I enjoy the show and I see them on TV all the time and it’s so different seeing them in person. We met them at Northstar speedway in Wasilla and we had no idea they were there until we drive in and I said “Zeke, is that…” and he was like “yes it is” and I was like “no way.” I was a good Saturday with lots of racing, semi racing, and motocross stunts by Lisa Kelly and her husband.
I also found a new hobby, if I can call it a hobby. I am way into hiking and just last weekend Zeke, Zeek(dog), and I went on the Albert trail at the Eagle River Nature Center. I plan to work up to the 25 mile Crows Pass trail that follows the historic Iditarod Trail. This hike was used by mail carriers that used sled dogs but became impassable in the winters. Now it has been turned into a historic hiking trail. The Albert trail was a beautiful one until we hit the flooded area about a quarter mile down it. I did not get pictures because my camera died right as we started down the path. Kinda sucks but it is charging now and I plan on doing the Albert trail again, maybe when it is not flooded.
This weekend the family is driving to the property about three hours away. The biggest event is the Funny River Festival that will take place in the small community outside of Soldotna called Funny River where my grandparents own land. We will have a booth and will be making various treats like funnel cake, cookies, snow cones, etc. Should be a good time. Also in the Keni area is big fishing so we hope to be doing that. 
Zeke chopping wood for the fist time. A true Alaskan.

This was at 2am, notice the light in the sky? That is about as dark as it gets in mid July.

Tony Molesky's Truck that he drives on the show Ice Road Truckers.

Taking a picture with stars from Ice Road Truckers, Lisa Kelly and Tony Molesky. They were super nice.

"We like Ice Road Truckers."

Lisa Kelly in her truck, just got off the track from racing other semis

Legend class

Lisa Kelly on her motorcross bike about to perform stunts with her hubby

Zeke in a Legend, looks like a clown car

Almost the end of summer and in Alaska you can tell winter is around the corner when you’re sitting outside around the campfire and you notice that the sky is darkish at midnight.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fill In

So I know that once I went into Canada on our trip I kinda didn't post anything about the days travels. All I have to say is that it was a one of a kind experience. It was Zeke's first trip outside the US and he was amazed the whole trip. From exchanging our American currency for Canadian to all the wildlife we saw. Not only was it a whole new world for Zeke who was born and raised in New York City but also was something completely different for our German Sheppard mix pup Zeek. He was also born and raised in the city and every time we would stop for him to go out he was the most curious puppy I have ever seen. At times he was rolling in the grass, barking and growling at wildlife, and playing in the lakes. There was one lake that we were able to pull enough off of the road so that we could let him off the leash for the first time out of a fence. It went surprisingly well and he was by us the whole time. He ran straight to the lake and was half way in the water when we were able to walk down to the lake ourselves. Zeke and I were throwing rocks into the water and Zeek was chasing them and actually submerging his nose into the water to get the rocks. I have never seen a dog completely submerge his nose to the point where he would blow out bubbles of air while being under water. Too cute.

Although Canada was very beautiful, it was a relief to hit the US border. Just the fact that I could buy a regular sandwich for less than six bucks was more than enough to be happy about finally being in Alaska. Of course I was calling everyone to tell them we made it through Canada okay but then I was hit with some scary and terrible news. Turns out that since we had no contact for a few days we were completely unaware that my cousin was in the hospital with terrible stomach pains that led to her appendix rupturing. So of course with that bit of news Zeke picked up the pace and made it all the way to Anchorage that same day which was meant to be a two day trip from the border. So its not a surprise that our first stop was the hospital. Everything is okay now and she is doing well but it was a big scare for about a week and a half where Zeke and I would visit everyday and would do anything we could to help out. At the same time we both had to work on getting jobs. A very long week we are very happy to get past.

Now we both start tomorrow at our new jobs. Zeke is working as a salesman at Cal Worthington Ford which is one of the biggest dealers in Anchorage and I am a service cashier at Lithia Jeep, Chystler, Dodge.

Alaskans celebrate the 4th of July a little differently than people in the lower 48. We celebrated last night with a little campfire, drinks, festival, and fireworks at midnight. After the show we lit a few sparklers and smaller fireworks. We defiantly had some fun and Zeke was able to set off some fireworks for the first time. He said he has always watched them but was never able to set any off himself. A lot of fun.

Plans for today include a little vegging, a nature walk, and maybe an evening campfire. Its a beautiful day for a hike. Happy 4th everyone!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Pictures

Zeke listening for baby Ina

Daddys rottie Harley

Shooting 9mm Glock

Waterfall in Canada

Mirror Lake in Canada

Glacier in National Park Canada

Zeke and Zeek playing in the water

Black Bear

Ice Fields Glacier Canada


Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway

Stone Sheep on the highway

Bison on the highway

Liard Hot Springs in Canada

Sign Post Forest, where people who have traveled the Alaska Highway have left a sign of some kind that tells of where they came from.

Zeek playing in the water


Zeke standing in Canada and Alaska at the same time