Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nikki and Zeke's Great Alaskan Adventure: Packing Wars

So this is my very first blog post, yay! Everyone else is doing it so why not? If my best friend jumped off a cliff would I follow? Yes! Seriously its 2011 and everything is about what is trending, who is following who, who is your friend on your web page, and who do you ignore constantly by clicking one simple button. Times are simple. Times are easy, socially speaking. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, have all made it possible for the entire world to interact with one another through cyberspace.

I decided to start this blog because I just don't want to put in the effort of creating a scrap book. This is especially why I have decided to create a blog at this specific time of my life. I am about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life and I want to journal about every day and every picture so that one day I can share this with my children and maybe my grandchildren. Why not create a photo album? Its 2011 and who does that anymore? It's way more fun to design a layout and post on your blog than it is to scrapbook. Duh. Also, A lot of friends, family, and New Yorkers (yes they get their own category) that are interested in my adventure because most of them do not understand why I made this decision in the first place.

Zeke (my husband) and I have decided to move to Alaska. 5,500 miles from New York, by the route we are taking. And yes we are crazy and are driving all 5,500 of it. A quick run-down of the route is first we travel cross country 2,500 miles to Mountain Home AFB Idaho to see my mother, brother, and sister. From there we travel northeast into Canada for the remaining 3,000 miles on the most famous highway next to Route 66. The Alaska Highway is traveled by thousands of people throughout the year and has some of the most amazing views and wildlife in the world. We have planned a dozen of stops along this route including Liard River Hot springs, Watson Lake signpost Forest, Dawsons Creek, Banff National Park, and many others. I do plan on taking a lot of pictures and hopefully if we can find a hotel with Internet every night i will post about the days trip. Where we have been, what we saw, where we stopped, etc. I can barley contain my excitement!

This Great Adventure will kick off Saturday morning hopefully 5am. But before anyone travels they must pack, and since we are making a permanent move that entails packing all of our belongings and stuffing the car before Saturday. For the past week I have been packing little by little, shoving clothes into space bags and taping boxes. Going through papers and unopened mail to see what is important enough to keep. Calling Netflix, Insurance, T-mobile, etc to change our address. Its all ready been a long week and I still have two days to go, half a house to pack, and one last final exam tomorrow before we can even think about leaving Saturday morning. Today on the to do list: pack the rest of the clothes, pack all knick-nacks and decor from my tables and entertainment center, give away some things like dishes and furniture, take cookies to work (one of the owners fixed my computer and saved me $200), and have a good bye dinner with my now ex-coworkers. I have a very long day ahead of me. Lets see how much of this I really accomplish.

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