Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter is here already!

I have to slap myself on the hand for not keeping up with my blog and I have been reminded repeatedly by a certain friend of mine. You know who you are.
Things have been crazy lately. I recently received a promotion and I am very happy and busy with my new work. I feel like I am making a big difference for a corporation as well as growing my connections here in Alaska. I also love how with my work I can put a creative signature spin on some things. It is an all over different job with a lot of responsibility which is perfect for me. I finally feel happy to go to work since I left my wonderful job in Brooklyn, New York. (I still miss the job and the people I worked with in Brooklyn) I do keep in contact with them and apparently I have left a big impression which was my goal so not to have a big ego but I feel accomplished that they have yet to find someone who did all the work I did. The first month working at my new position here it was difficult and different in that I had to prove myself unlike in Brooklyn my employer saw my potential from the start. My current employer has very high expectations and I have slaved to meet them. Just in the past two weeks I believe that I have earned a little respect and have proved how dedicated and hard working I am.
With things going so well I had to think a lot about my future and where I truly want to be at for the rest of my life, career wise. I have decided that I will continue schooling and go to the University of Alaska Anchorage for Nursing. I have wanted to go to this University since I was in middle school and it is amazing I finally have the opportunity to go. I also cannot express how much I miss the University of Idaho and its breathtaking campus and the amazing professors that I was under during my enrolment there. The people I have talked to so far at the University of Alaska are just as amazing and helpful and the campus itself is beautiful. I figure that by the time I graduate I will know if I want to stay in the business I am currently in or to go on the nursing route. If I haven’t gone anywhere here by then at least I will not be stuck at a dead end and have the schooling I need to go into a different career. I am just the type of person who likes a backup plan.
So it is officially wintertime. It was pretty crazy that New York City (where that I have just moved from) had a crazy snowstorm where the snow stuck and there were blackouts a full day before Anchorage Alaska did! I thought that was pretty amazing, and I guess so did everyone else because having snow in October in NYC is some sort of record and hasn’t happened in a very long time. Anyway I’m not sure if the snow in NYC is still around but I know the snow is still here. Yesterday it was beautiful and fun since it was fresh and fluffy but today it is hard and crunchy. I like the powder fresh snow so yesterday I was super happy and excited and found every reason to go outside during work (which was not too hard since a lot of my work has to deal with what is outside on the lot). I think today I am going to stay inside. It is windy and the snow is no fun today. Expecting more Friday!
The first snow fell overnight and on Sunday morning I was getting ready to take the puppy out and I had opened the door and screamed. Zeke was on the couch and looked at me and I said “THERE IS SNOW OUTSIDE!!” The puppy Zeek loves the snow so he ran out on his 50ft leash and went nuts. He was jumping and throwing up the snow with his paws. He was also eating it and rolling around in it. When the neighbor dog came outside he ran and played with him for a half hour. Rossi is the sweetest Boxer I have ever met and when he came out he was dressed up in a camo doggie jacket and had little booties which I thought was the cutest thing. Next time they play I will have to take pictures and put them up. Sunday I was unprepared.
My very good friend Cari who writes the blog: One Shoe Can Change Your Life, and I have talked a lot about recipes and have shared a few. She has already posted delicious recipes on her blog and I have decided that I need to get on the ball and post mine. I have a few ideas of some easy quick recipes that I have just come up with myself as well as recipes Cari has sent me that I have yet to try out. So be on the lookout. I plan to post something this weekend but I have yet to go grocery shopping…. My house is running out of food!
It’s a warm day here in Alaska, high of 30! Monday morning it was 16! I love the cold ;p

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