Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hiking and New Crib

Zeke and I found a new hobbie here in Alaska. In the Anchorage area there are over 50 hiking trails. Everything from one mile to 25 miles one way! So far we have hiked about 13 miles on various trails. Our first trail  was the Albert Loop trail, located in Eagle River. It is about 3 miles long but after about a mile and a half the trail was flooded from the river. Zeek had a blast in the flooded trail and we tried to go around it but it was impossible since we did not have the proper gear. Hiking shoes alone was not going to help us, so we turned around and walked back. Unfortunatly at the beginning of this trail when I pulled out my camera to take a picture it died. So I do not have pictures of that trail. The next trail we took was an all day hike for about 6 miles on the Lower Eagle River Trail. This hike was beautiful with sights of the river, forest, wildlife, wildflowers, and creeks.
starting the trail

horse shoe tracks

wolfsbane, a popular wildflower in Alaska


abandoned chevy truck

tree grew threw the window

black bear track

end of the trail

waterfall off the trail

power lines over trail

Zeke wanted to touch it
That was on a Saturday and Sunday was also a beautiful day so we decided to take another hike. We were told to do the Thunderbird Falls trail since it is simple and the falls are a sight to see for anyone living or visiting the anchorage area. So I Googled the driving directions to the trail and we headed out. We start up the trail and it is imediatly uphill and after the first half a mile we are thinking that we are possibly just climbing a mountain. about 3 miles into it, when we see the incredible view of the inlet and the highway we realize that there is no way this is the right trail. The Thunderbird falls trail is only a mile long and is almost no incline on it. Since we figured we went as far as we did we decide to keep going to see how far this trail will go. We seem to ge to the top and into this field and the trail sort of dissapears and the is nothing but tall grass and a few bedding areas for moose or bear. So we turn around and go back down. I thought going up was hard. Going down was worse since we were already so tired from going up. Before we headed down I checked my gps and we were 2 miles from the car so about 3 miles of trail back down since it is not a straight shot to the car. This trail was ment more for snowmobilers in the wintertime and is not used in the summer as often.

moose tracks

Before it gets too cold we plan to find the real Thunderbird falls hike which we think is not far from where we live. We also would like to do the Peters Creek trail which is also nearby and Flat Top which is the tourist hike here but its a good hike. I have lots planned for next summer and little hikes for the winter. The things that we see, the views we encounter are what makes this place the one place I have wanted to be my whole life.

We are moved in to our new apartment in Peter's Creek. About an hour away from Anchorage but it was the only place that did not have a breed restriction on Zeek. It a lovely, quiet place and our apartment is very spacious and nice. We were lucky enough that the previous tennent did not want his funiture and asked us if he wanted it before he just threw it out. It is all in very good shape he just didn't have the time to sell it. Our first completely furnished apartment, all we are missing is a TV. My aunt was even generous enough to give us her bed since she was getting a new one. So now I have a cal king bed too!!! I will never give it up.
living room


hallway to bedroom

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  1. the last photo looks like a kitty cat tail.. speaking of kitty cats.. now that you have your own place...??