Sunday, January 22, 2012

Transformation into a true Alaskan

So since my last post the days got shorter to a point on some days we wouldn't see the sun until 10:30-11ish am and it would disappear again around 3-4ish pm. Now we are slowly getting our sun back, just a few more minutes of sunlight each day. Although it is below zero and we are only half way through winter having more sun everyday gives Alaskans hope that spring and summer are just around the corner.

I hate the heat and I was partial to freezing cold weather until I moved here. I believe I am transforming into a true Alaskan and I know this because just a few weeks ago it was 25 degrees outside and I was sweating. It felt hot compared to our usual ten below lately. I don't mind the cold if it is zero or 15 below zero as long as there is no wind.  I refuse to go outside if it is windy. I can handle the still cold but when it is blowing in my face and I get that cold stinging I'm done. We have gotten a lot of snow lately but for the past week and a half it has been nothing but clear skies. I have also learned that up here if the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the winter time then it is not a good thing, it means that it will be a lot colder then when the clouds are around to keep some heat in. But even if it is colder it is nice this time of year to see the bright sun.

This Christmas was awesome. My family flew up from Idaho to spend the holiday with us. I also met my first niece Ina Romea and I was in baby heaven. I was nervous at first because it was the moment of truth for Zeke to see how he was with a five month old but he passed with flying colors. He was so cute with her and took every chance to hold her and play with her. My sister produced the most beautiful baby girl in the world I swear.

Now I am a full time student and a hold a full time job. I really don't know how people do it when they are doing this and raising children. I am already having a hard time as it is. I am just lucky that this semester all my classes are online, my mistake was thinking it would be easy. It is far from easy. I have four classes but since they are all online each week there is a certain amount of homework, reading, and quizzes due by the end of the week. Sounds simple because I have a whole week, but when a full time job and an hour commute one way is factored in it makes it a balancing challenge. I think after a few weeks I will get into a groove and be ok. My main concern now is remembering which class  is which when I am looking at due dates, lolz. On that note I have some homework to do that is due by tonight. Wish me luck!

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  1. I printed off the syllabus for all my classes with the schedule and taped it to my wall so I can check off each assignment when I finish it, and each lecture I listen too. You can do it, you've always amazed me with the things you've accomplished I know you can do this!