Friday, May 4, 2012


Ok so to those who have done the HCG diet and have succeeded I say kudos, congrats because this diet is difficult to maintain. I made it to my fifth day and decided that it was not worth the lack of energy that I was dealing with. I was taking vitamins and following the diet exactly but I think there are many factors that I did not think about going into this diet. First I walk around a lot at work which means I do burn some calories and on this 500 calorie diet I think I was burning too many and that is why I was so tired to the point that after the work day all I wanted to do was sleep. Second, in my opinion this program is for people with a lot of fat to loose and because this diet requires that you do not have breakfast it practically kills your metabolism. I do have to say that I love getting anything from GNC because I was able to return the HCG and get a full refund. I am still taking the women’s multivitamin that I bought from GNC because I like it and I have more energy and I feel more awake during the day when I take it.
I am still aiming for a healthier lifestyle so on Monday I took the dog on a walk and used an app on my phone called JogTracker. JogTracker uses my phones GPS and maps to get my location and accurately map out my route and give me the distance that I am going. It also gives me time and if I have my headphones in with music playing this app keeps me updated every few minutes of my distance and my time. Better than trying to check my phone while running! So when I took this walk I used the app to plan my route I will be taking. Also since I have not been active since I tried p90x at the beginning of the year I think that a brisk walk may warm up my muscles. I found the right route which was 1.2 miles and walked it again with the dog Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday I decided to take the leap of faith and do a light jog to see how I would do. For not remembering the last time I ran a mile I think I did well, and I did better than I thought I would do. 13 minutes for that mile is not great but I am happy with myself in that I pushed to finish and did not let myself walk at all during the run.
On the diet aspect of healthy living I have decided not to follow some crazy diet and just try to make healthier choices and to try and avoid fast food and sugary drinks. I have also picked out low fat or fat free choices when grocery shopping. I also follow @TaralynnsTweets who gives great healthy living advice. I found her blog on Pinterest and I find it amazing. Take a look: I am super busy in the morning and I am also not a morning gal so making time to get ready AND eat breakfast does not always work out and this leads to not eating breakfast which is a big no no! So I came up with a genius idea to premix oatmeal in a sandwich bag to take to work and since we have a coffee machine that I can get hot water from it works out! I took ½ cup 1 minute oatmeal, 1 tsp brown sugar, dash of salt, desired amount of raisins and craisins. I put all this in a sandwich bag and all I had to take to work was a disposable paper bowl and a plastic spoon.
On the weekend I like to make up pancakes on my little flat grill and I throw some mixed frozen fruit on the grill with the pancakes and this makes for a wholesome breakfast and I did put some syrup on the cakes but I wish I hadn’t since the juices from the fruit were enough I didn’t even need the syrup. Another quick breakfast idea for on the go is a nice smoothie. I used the frozen fruit and mix it in my Ninja with milk, orange juice, and protein mix. I use the protein mix for energy and to fill me up a little more than the smoothie alone would.
A sort of update on the military side of things: My uncle Rob (he is the greatest) got in touch with an air guard recruiter who funny enough happens to work part time as a salesman at the dealership I work. He was telling me of an amazing opportunity to get into the air guard as a commissioned officer which I did not think I was possible without a degree. Turns out that this is possible for only certain fields which are religion, medical, and legal. The only catch that I had found through research so far is that I must get my degree before gaining the rank of O-3 or Captain.  The job is also located in Fairbanks which I thought would be difficult because I would have to travel, good news about that is that the air guard will put me on a plane to and from Fairbanks on drill weekends and the air guard will pay for my hotel and food on the weekend that I have to go. Sounds compelling. My recruiter does not yet know if this job is still available but I really hope so. He is on leave now so I have to be patient but I am positive.
The spring semester is finally coming to a close and I have all my finals this weekend and some end of the semester project due. Which means I will be locked away this weekend. L Good news is that I will be free for the summer after this weekend! So excited!

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