Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Explanation for Facebook Status

This is the worst week for sleep that I have ever had! It is only Tuesday! Sunday evening Zeke decides to stay up in the bed and look at craigslist on the laptop. Normally this would not bother me except he was using the clicker thing instead of double tapping the pad… I just drifted into sleep and started to dream when my dream is interrupted by an occasional “click……click….click, click.” Too bad I am too nice all I said was “honey, we have to work early in the morning.” Nope. He couldn’t sleep so he had to keep me up with him! He is so lucky that I have just been too much of a zombie to be angry.
Last night was even worse! Apparently I have had this huge cavity that hasn’t bothered me at all until last night. The dentist was amazed last month that I had not said anything about it and told me I had to come in ASAP to get it fixed or it would really bother me. I guess he was right…duh. Listen to your dentist. Anyway, last night felt like a tiny person was inside my mouth stabbing the inside of my tooth with a knife, over, and over again. I tried everything. First I flossed like crazy, then I brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouth wash three times and nothing seemed to work. From what I could see using my makeup mirror I did not have anything jammed up inside of the cavity. When my alarm went off I just hit snooze and Zeke was trying to get me up and was saying I was going to be late. I told him that I did not care and I only wanted to lie in bed since I could not sleep. I also told him why I was up all night and he said “weird, I had a dream about pulling teeth..” He does not remember whose tooth it was but I also think this was weird and I blame him for my tooth pain, in a loving way of course.

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