Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello Lackland

Many of my facebook friends know my journey to join the Air National Guard and that from back in June of 2012 I got serious and contacted a recruiterand that led to enlisting in my dream career field.

Every drill weekend I worked even though I did not yet have a uniform and I have not gone to basic military training. Each weekend I spent with my unit I got more and more exited for it all to be real. A lot of people who heard about the job I was going into told me I was very lucky and I know now that is because my unit is very close knit, like a family. Everyone is so kind and willing to teach and learn from each other, no matter the rank. And although I didn't have my technical school training yet I was still welcomed into the training the unit would conduct and I was given the opportunity to get somewhat of a tiny leap into what tech school would teach me. What's even more exciting is how supportive my unit is and I know I will receive a letter or two while I'm in basic.

Now I'm at the day I have been waiting for. And it is scary as hell. I have never felt sick from nerves and stress but I know this is just the beginning. I know I have more advantages than most of my flight mates I will meet today and that is a little comforting. I am comfortable now with my physical fitness and I am more worried now of the emotional stress I will face. I can only hope that my past experience in military like activities will help me transform into the person I need to be in order to get through the next 8 weeks.  That is the only thing keeping me focused.

Since I signed the enlistment paperwork I knew that the hardest part of basic and tech school would be the separation from my husband. We have been inseparable for the for years we've been married, we do everything together. The past year we've even worked together. It will be so hard to realize I can't just walk to the other side of the building and see his face.

I think I've mentioned in another blog post before that I plan to journal my experience so that I can share it on this blog after I graduate. I brought my journal so I guess we'll see if it works. I have no idea how much personal time I will have to not only write in the journal but also write letters to loved ones.

Please look out on my facebook for my address where you can send me letters. My loving husband will post it for me. I'll try to write back to everyone.

On that note I will say good bye for now. I will not be able to post again until after I graduate. Most likely when I get to tech school. I am due to graduate basic March 8th and will be in tech school that next week. Love you all. Wish me luck :)

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