Friday, November 30, 2012

This next month in a nutshell

At this point I am starting to think that boot camp and tech school will be a vacation. It has been so crazy between preparing to leave, working my full time job, and trying so hard to dedicate enough time to my Avon business.
The weekends are normally my time to regroup, clean the house, have some me time, and take care of my Avon stuff. But I do not think I will have a weekend again before I leave. Last weekend I worked at my full time job to make up a day that I will be gone for vacation in December, this weekend is drill (my last drill), next weekend I work to make up another day of vacation and that Sunday leave for vacation, then I am down in Idaho for my dad’s retirement for a week and when I return I have 3 weeks left to make sure everything is in order to go.
Bills are my main concern. Some I have to log on and pay online, some are transfers, some are automatic, and some are checks…. It seems like its chaotic and everywhere! I have taken a calendar and wrote down everything on it on the dates they are due and how to pay or if it is automatic. It’s not like Zeke doesn’t know how to pay them I just have things set up certain ways through my account and I just want to make sure I make it somewhat easy to handle. He will be going to school while I’m gone and keeping his full time job so the less complicated everything else is the better.
Then there is the issue of a POA. I don’t even know how that works or how to get one. I love my husband to death but there are some things I do not want him to be able to do as my POA and I have no idea how that works or if it can be regulated. Last thing I want to come home to is a sports car and a snow machine lol!
I will receive my “official” orders on the 19th during my out-processing brief. During this brief I will learn everything short of an address of where family and others to send mail. Just so that everyone knows I cannot broadcast on Facebook all the information I will get when I get to BMT. I can only call one person (Zeke) and he will post everything family/friends need to know somewhere to be determined. Maybe my Facebook, maybe his, I don’t know yet.
I came up with a pretty exciting idea so that I can share my experiences with my family, friends, and those preparing for BMT. I am not able to blog while in BMT but I can most certainly write in a journal. Right now I have a red journal with a heart on the front…. I am seriously contemplating getting a more “plain” one as to not attract too much attention to it. I am about 99% sure I am allowed to write in a journal during allotted “free time.” The same time we are allowed to write letters, read the bible, make our bed, fold our clothes, etc. Once in tech school or maybe even not until I return to Alaska I will scan the pages and post them on my blog and call them the “Boot Camp Diaries.” Neat idea huh? I hope I can make it work. I also do not want to post them all at once either, I want to spread it out, make it interesting and exciting.
I was talking with my husband the other night and asked him if he thought the military changed him. He told me he doesn’t think so. The reason I asked was because my grandfather, my father, and Zeke all do not think that the military changed them but the people around them say differently. In a way I want to change a little bit like I want to be less shy and be able to hold my own. Be more outgoing and less self conscious. But I am afraid of changing. I do not want to lose myself and the things that shape the person I know I am. Getting closer to this milestone in my life I have realized that going will happen and it is noting to be afraid of and I must embrace it in order to be able to endure the change I am going to experience. Zeke has told me to imagine it as summer camp. I have never been to a summer camp but it is a nice idea to try and think of it that way. It helps tremendously knowing that Zeke has done it and he admits that it was not that bad and he would do it again if it meant that he could be back in the military.
Besides all that I have been finding a little bit of time to read each day. Not as much as before so I have been on the same book for a while now. I am currently reading “The Book of the Dead” by Tom Knox and I like it. I really enjoy reading a good murder mystery but Tom Knox uses history and real locations in his griping stories with crazy twists and turns. It gets my conspiracy theory mind ticking in a fun way, not a crazy way. I am almost finished and I just hit a crazy twist that I never thought would happen and I kind of just sat there for a minute to soak in what I just read. Intense to say the least. The only con I would say that because of the historical and geographical references it makes it a little difficult to picture and understand. If I was reading an actual book and not my Kindle I would have a difficult time getting through it. Since I am able to touch words and a definition or a description pops up I am having an easier time with it. I also read Knox’s other book titled “Marks of Cain” and that was easier to understand and I felt like it was a little faster than this one I am reading now. I think when I am finished with this one I want to move on to “The Genesis Secret” also by Tom Knox. I enjoyed “The Da Vinci Code” because of the interesting references to the bible and the twists from it and “The Lost Symbol” also by Dan Brown that twisted historical and biblical references with a little bit of cult religion mixed in. “The Genesis Secret” sounds like a book with biblical twists that I might enjoy. Hopefully I will get to finish it before I leave. Sad I can’t take my kindle with me L

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  1. For POA you need to make an appointment at the JAG office and you'll sit their with the lawyer and he'll ask you a bunch of depressing questions about if you die.