Monday, October 8, 2012

Yayyyyy Book Reviews!!!!

Last time I updated my blog (a month ago…explanation later) I said I was reading Crossover by Joel Shepherd and although it was full of a lot of interesting ideas I feel like I could not wrap my head around the authors futuristic world. I am not saying it lacked a depiction of the world and the characters in it I simply believe that Joel’s ideas were so sci-fi and he used a lot of scientific language that made it difficult to picture what he meant. Because of this I was less interested in reading the book, especially when there were so many others I was interested in getting to. I got far enough to understand that the main character is a bioengineered super soldier that is the “test product” if you will, separates from her other counterparts that did not possess a human like will. The idea was to give these robot soldiers free thinking minds so that they would be able to asses various situations without the help of a human pilot or controller. Cassandra (the main character) backfires against her creators and “runs away” to try and live a normal life like a regular human being. She is hunted for her amazing scientific worth and I got as far as the rebellion getting a hold of her and is putting her on trial to decide if she is even capable to live a normal life or if she is better off to be “decommissioned” and taken apart for scientific study and to keep her from the hands of “The Federation” which is possibly the government in this world.
I do not think I can fairly rate this book since I did not finish it. So I left a description for the set up of the book without revealing any spoilers so that either later I can finish or if someone has happened to finish this book and can tell me if it is worth trying again.
I also read Fifty Shades of Grey and honestly this book has enough hype for me to skip my review besides maybe a few remarks that I just have to point out that I hadn’t heard from the raves all over the internet and social media. I feel like the main character needed more self confidence, even when she had the desire of this very handsome, young, rich man right in front of her for the WHOLE book she still had the same pitiful lack of self confidence from the first page……. WTF. Also I am somewhat disappointed in that I feel like there was no set up for the second book whatsoever! Many might disagree with me but I personally don’t see any kind of interesting storyline that could come from the way the author ended this book. Therefore I am that much LESS interested in reading the next book. There, I feel better. I would rate this book with a C. I liked the heart pounding porn-like scenes, made me feel dirty reading it but what the heck. And I already noted the reasons that I didn’t like it.
Now for the two books that I have read over the past month or so that I really did like. First I read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and I have to say I was a little skeptical when I read a synopsis and didn’t really understand what kind of story it was but right away in reading it I was pulled in. Throughout the entire story I was encased in the story and it seemed like often I was surprised and twisted in my views of each character. Well worth my time and I give this book an A for creativity, character development, and story twists/ unpredictability.
I also read my first James Patterson book Private Games. I had downloaded a free preview of the first 16 chapters and I just had to purchase the whole e-book. That says a lot because I am always looking for free books and I now have at least 30 if not more books on my Kindle that I have found for free. I am now a big fan of murder mystery and I am now looking for the next edge of my seat, screaming at my Kindle telling the main character to “get out while you can!”, OMG speechless moments, kind of book. This book was set around the 2012 Olympic London Games and the games are targeted by a serial killer who calls himself Coronus after the Greek god who devours his children. He is targeting whoever has “disgraced” the Olympics and shows his disgust for the modern Olympics versus the ancient Olympic games. It is up to Private detective Peter Knight to find this killer before he kills his next victim in front of the whole world. I loved Patterson’s writing and I am now a big fan and understand why he is always on the top sellers list. I think instead of following this series, my next James Patterson book will be one I keep seeing everywhere on the top sellers this week. It will be either “I, Michael Bennett” or “Zoo.” All in all, since this book had me turning pages like crazy and I actually felt a rush when reading it when the anticipation of what would happen next got to me, I would have to give this book an A+.
I am currently reading The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch which is a translated version of a German book interestingly enough. It is about a little village that is troubled when a small boy is found stabbed to death and a witches mark found on his back. It is set in medieval times when witches are believed to exist and when the villagers seethe witches mark on the small boy they break down the door to the villages midwife who is accused of witchcraft. This book follows the hangman of the village who believes that the midwife is innocent and therefore investigates the murder of the small boy and later other children in order to avoid burning the midwife at the stake. This book was slow going at first but I like the how the author took the view of the hangman instead of any other villager. I have not heard of many books like this one and I also have not heard of anything about the life of a hangman and what his position in the village is like. I am currently a little half way through the book and it is getting so close to finding out who is the real murderer and if he will be caught in time before the midwife and others are burned as witches.

I plan to post again shortly on the events of September, a lot happened that will change my life forever. Some things need to be said because I cannot keep these things locked away like I have. Some will understand and others will not. I was one of those who didn’t get it before last month.

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